Extreme Minecraft Hosting Starting at $2 a month

server cluster


best hardware

Powered by Core i9, we are using the best hardware on the market to make your server lag-free. Click here for the exact hardware details.

free backups

All our extreme plans have free daily backups. You will never lose your files again!


Our extreme plans got a 48 hours money back gurantee if any lag occurred on our side. Ex. Running out of memory.

...many other

Extreme plans contain all the features provided in the lower plans as well like DDoS protection..etc


  • Dedicated IP
    Make your Minecraft server use the default port 25565 or MCPE server use port 19132
  • CraftingStore Trial
    Receive 30 Free days of CraftingStore's silver plan at no cost to you! *Does not work for MCPE/Bedrock*
  • Tebex (Buycraft) Trial
    Receive 30 Free days of Tebex's ultimate plan at no cost to you! Works for multiple games: https://www.tebex.io/features/games


  • Miami, Florida
  • Finland, Europe
  • Germany, Europe
  • ...more coming soon

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We are having a sale

We know many of you are home because of the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID19), and many of you already were on Spring Break, so we are having a sale! Getting a server to play with your friends helps you stay safe and healthy while still being able to hang out with friends, instead of going to a party/event.

Use code SPRINGBREAK2020 for 30% off for 1 month. (Code doesn't apply for Minecraft plans)

Use code MAY2020 for 35% off for 1 month.