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Frequently Asked Questions

What are our payment methods?

Our accepted methods of payment are: PayPal, PaymentWall, Stripe, PaySafeCard, Skrill, Venmo and CashApp.

How can I contact support?

You can connect with our support team by creating a live chat, making a ticket on our Client Area, or asking question in one of our community channels on our Discord.

When will I get my service?

When your service is finished installing/setting up, it will be immediately delivered to you. If there are any unusual delays please contact us with further details so we can attend to the issue as fast as we can.

Do you offer DDoS Protection?

We offer 100+ Gbps DDoS protection across our infrastructure.

How do I login to the control panel of my service?

You can login to your control panel with the link provided to you in the service setup email.

What happens if I do not pay on time for my service?

Your service will be temporarily suspended until your current invoice is paid. If any issues occur while or after paying the invoice, please contact our Support Team.

Do you offer a SLA?

We offer service-level-agreements (SLAs) for our customers to ensure they receive compensation for their services for issues caused by Sparked Host.

Can I receive a refund?

Refunds are given out at the discretion of Sparked Host staff, and will only be given out if we fail to remedy an issue that you requested support on. Sparked Host reserves the right to not issue refunds. Refunds must be requested through our ticket system within twenty-four hours of the transaction.

Can I transfer my service to Sparked Host?

You can transfer your service to Sparked Host by using the SFTP or by creating a backup. If you wish to use SFTP, you will need to have SFTP access to your server. Then, log in to the control panel and navigate to the Importer Tab. If you do not have SFTP Access you can download a backup of your previous service and upload it using FileZilla to you new service at Sparked Host. If you cannot download a backup because it is to big, make a ticket on our Client Area under Transfers/Backups.

Can I change my server's location after ordering?

To change your server location, you can make a ticket on our Client Area under Transfers/Backups and request the location you wish for your service to be relocated to. Our Support Team will then direct you with the steps to be taken to transfer your service.

What control panels does Sparked Host use?

Sparked Host uses Pterodactyl Panel for our Minecraft, Game and Discord Bot Hosting services. For our Web Hosting services we use cPanel and for our VPS services we use Virtualizor.

How should I decide what Minecraft plan I should purchase?

Budget is perfect for users hoping to captivate a small audience with their project. Running the lowest-end hardware Sparked Host offers — these servers start at only $1 / mo and can fit into any budget server you may have.
Enterprise is a client favorite here at Sparked Host, for a good reason. The industry-leading hardware this option provides makes it perfect for servers with an established community or users with many game modifications.
Extreme package's are for those seeking for the absolute best. With hardware several times more efficient than the industry standard, Extreme Hosting is perfect for any large-scale community which craves unrivaled performance.
You can learn more about the difference between the three services here

Do we offer free trials?

We offer twenty-four hour trials for our Minecraft and Web Hosting, and other services.

Can I install mods/plugins on a Minecraft server?

You have full control to the file manager to install any mods, plugins, extensions, and other files to your service.

Why are servers offered in Miami instead of South America?

You can read up on the full explanation provided here

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