Terraria Hosting Budget friendly Terraria hosting.


Instant Setup

No matter what service you buy from us, it will be instantly setup right after payment has been received.


Our support team is always online and available to help at all times of the day, everywhere.

Budget Friendly

Our products are budget friendly to make sure you can start your company on any budget - big or small.

DDoS Protection

All of our product come with free DDoS protection to make sure you stay safe at all times.

Unlimited Slots

Adjust your player number to whatever you want.

Premium Locations

We have many premium locations around the world so you get the best service, no matter where you are.

Enterprise Hardware

For Terraria Hosting, we only use enterprise hardware to make sure your product is always up and running as smooth as possible.

We only use top notch Intel Xeon E3 and Intel Core i7 up to Core i9/Ryzen CPU's along with DDR4 RAM and SSD drives for our Terraria Servers.

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