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Budget, enterprise or extreme?

What is the difference between the three?

The major difference between these three packages are their CPU & RAM performance. Extreme is made to withstand heavy server load with any version of minecraft, Enterprise is capable of running servers under heavy load within certain versions of minecraft, Budget is made to withstand low server load, to achieve the maximum performance of these plans plan you will need to optimize the server as-well, if you do not know how to do this create a ticket here. If you would like to check out the hardware, you can do so here

What happens if I don't follow this guide?

If you don't follow this guide, you will receive poor server hosting results for your service, this means your server tick rate and CPU load will not be suitable for the best experience possible. We highly recommend you follow this guide so you can give your players an in-game experience they have never received before to achieve a good server reputation.

What type of servers are meant to be on these plans?

Budget servers are meant to run servers that require a player-base of under 20 players. This will obviously depend on what your server version, how intensive the plugins are on the server and, how many plugins are being used and generation of your worlds. Enterprise servers are mid-way between budget and extreme, meaning they are good enough to withstand heavy load, for e.g a factions server with a player-base of 50-75 players depending on your plan. Extreme servers are overkill and ready to withstand heavy load for your service, once proper optimization is put into place this service can blow your mind with the performance it will display under heavy load.

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