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Play With A Pro

Play with a Pro is an Extra Life team that raises money for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. Our unique concept allows children to play games with Professional ESports players and streamers while fundraising for their local hospital.

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Yale New Haven's Children Hospital

We have partnered with Yale New Haven Children's Hospital to provide a safe Minecraft Server for the children to play Minecraft together.

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An online grassroots movement working to save local kids through the power of play.

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The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital

Maine's only full-service children's hospital, they offer unique care to children aswell as continuously measuring and track our performance in order to improve the care we provide..

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Findstack helps connect consumers with reputable companies across the technology industries. From email clients to podcast hosting, they are a one-stop-shop when trying to narrow down your options.

Check Out Their Review of Sparked Host Here


StellarDev is the #1 service team for any minecraft and development related commissions.Here at StellarDev we have some of the best performing plugins and spigots to make sure your server is running as smooth as possible.

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BTE Benelux, building Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg in Minecraft 1:1



Czechoslovakia is a team trying to build the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in Minecraft in 1:1.



Hello! We are BTE Middle East, a team dedicated to building the entire Middle East 1-1 scale in Minecraft. We support Bedrock Edition and Java Edition! Everyone is welcomed here even if you don't have Minecraft so we hope to see you here soon!

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ClearerBot is basically a bot to clear messages or entire channels. As easy as that. Don't believe me? Try it by yourself!

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I am a variety streaming, maining modded minecraft. I don't stream for fame or fortune, I stream to connect with people and share a fun experience.

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Explore the pack and discover multiple ways to become powerful and progress. Weather it be farming Exploring Science or Super Powers, You will find your way

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Hi I'm a fox, a Twitch partner in New Zealand that plays a wacky block game.

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Diudo Gaming

In my channel I upload minecraft videos and minecraft shorts

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FailToSurvive is a minecraft streamer who enjoys playing modded minecraft.

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Hello! I'm an Argentinian content creator on YouTube that mostly upload videos about CS:GO.



I'm a mostly Minecraft, but also semi variety streamer, I do a lot of events with my viewers, such as lava rising and spleef, and I also do a lot of other bits such as You Laugh You Lose e.t.c.

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Jars Services is a high quality service provider team, We aim to provide you the best quality work you deserve. We offer variety of services - We will list a few here, Minecraft Setups, Configuration, Web Development, Java Development

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A professional SpigotMC plugin developer.

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KCHS Craft

An outstanding school themed Minecraft server with a friendly community to provide a platform for school students to interact with each other. Of course, everybody is welcomed to visit the server!

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A Minecraft server implementation written entirely from scratch

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Unlock the true potential of NoCheatPlus!

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Metal Link

Minecraft YouTuber/streamer who does Modded Minecraft, PVP, Hypixel Minigames and much more.

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A digital development company. Aiming for achievement, completing goals.

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I'm Mia, a 16 year old variety streamer from the UK. I often play on a modded Minecraft SMP, or either play my own hardcore world. I also play guitar a lot to my Twitch chat!

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Hey there! I'm MrVibe, A self-taught Front-End Web Developer and a UI/UX Designer. I started working for small Minecraft communities and I am looking forward to work with you.

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A professional SpigotMC plugin developer.

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I make Minecraft Plugins on Spigot and MC-Market to help servers expand and become more interesting.

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I play with subscribers in Minecraft Servers, and organize tournaments for them.



An RPG server in which players evolve and progress through an open world filled with quests, dungeons, stories and places to explore. Everyone is free to follow their own path, according to their own ambitions.

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Salty's Den

Hey! My name is Salty and im a twitch streamer! Im a huge Minecraft player. I also love to sing and play ukulele to my twitch chat!

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SnakeClient, the best solution to MC PvP. Better FPS, better keystrokes, everything is better. You even get a free cape (not all clients do this)! Choose us, and you won't regret it!

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